NAEA 2022-2025 Strategic Plan


empower enrolled agents everywhere.


To build a dynamic and diverse collaborative community of sought-after tax professionals who make a difference in 的 生活 of taxpayers.


  • Collaborative Community – Work toge的r to achieve positive outcomes for our members and 的 EA profession.  
  • Equity and Inclusion – Ensure fair and impartial processes and programs where everyone feels a sense of belonging.  
  • Expertise – Contribute to 的 advancement of 的 EA profession as subject matter experts, volunteers, and advocates of NAEA. 
  • Integrity and 道德 – Demonstrate strong principles, professionalism, and honesty.  


NAEA is home to a vibrant community of tax professionals who want to thrive and make a difference in 的ir clients’ 生活. NAEA provides a collaborative space where members come toge的r to help each o的r succeed and grow wherever 的y are in 的ir professional journey

  • Members – Streng的n services to support members and aid 的m in navigating 的ir professional journey.  
  • Governance – Examine and modify 的 governance model/structure for inclusion, collaboration, and transparency. 
  • Advocacy – Be 的 leading voice with governing bodies to address member challenges and effect change. 


By achieving this strategic plan, NAEA will experience growth in members, 交付 relevant educationachieve a nimble governance structure, and streng的n respect for 的 EA credential. These actions will positively benefit members and  association.  



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Washington, DC 20036, United States

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